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The reliable transmission of critical signals is crucial. In order to be able to treat patients quickly, vital heart rhythm data must be transmitted without interference.


Advantages for our customers:

• One source solution for an integrated device receptacle and cable design

• Numerous components, already proven effective in the field, can be combined and modified to custom fit your requirements

• Complete shielding from the patient to the device



Our cables transmit vital patient date: quickly, securely and with low interference. Whether your system is stationary or mobile, our ECG cable systems achieve these requirements with flying colors.


Advantages for our customers:

• Overvoltage defibrillation protection for devices and patients can be integrated into the cable

• A variety of different patient end connector systems for electrodes are available

• Optional use of EEPROMs for device identification, and to prevent the use of counterfeit knock off cables

• Extensive shielding from patient to device

• Encapsulated PCBAs

• Device-side standard connectors or co-developed new custom solutions


HEART PUMP Cables and Connectors

Bernd Richter GmbH has long been trusted to manufacture life sustaining critical Class 3 medical devices such as heart pump interconnect systems.


Advantages for our customers:

• Use of fine wire for lightweight cables and smaller connectors and PCBAs

• Custom low voltage and fiber optic hybrid cable

• Clean room manufacturing for low bioburdens



Electrophysiology cables must offer outstanding levels of performance, reliability, and safety. Bernd Richter GmbH equips medical devices with innovative cables for data transmission


Advantages for our customers:

• Numerous connector and yoke options, some with decades of proven experience

• Autoclavable material options appropriate for Cath labs

• Custom fine gauge wire/ high density connector possible