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Bernd Richter’s ECG, SpO2, Temperature, and IBP cables systems are well known for their safe, accurate and clear transmission. Whether you require a Medi-Clip, banana plug, or dome-snap patient end connection, or an off the shelf or completely custom keyway for the device connector, we have a solution. You, the customer can decide from many options to meet your ideal product expectations. We will be happy to advise you to find the perfect solution for your needs.


Advantages for our customers:

• Various patient distal (patient-end) and proximal (device) connections possible

• Expandable ECG monitoring cable systems. 4+6 Limb leads plus precordial leads and other combinations such as 4+6+3, 10+4 etc.

• Reduced susceptibility to radio frequency interference due to complete shielding and the use of low-noise materials



Defibrillation Shock Therapy requires highly sophisticated electronics. Energy of up to 360 joules is transmitted, and the current intensity is up to 15 amperes. Functionality and, above all, safety for both the patient and the caregiver must be guaranteed.


Advantages for our customers:

• Bernd Richter’s development team works with you to design and produce carefully isolated, safely designed cables and keyways to ensure adequate High Voltage creepage and clearance distances.

• Connectors and cable systems are designed to withstand the expected vibrations of Emergency Helicopter, Ambulance, and Military environments

• Steel and Kevlar strength members for unmatched tensile strength (in some defibrillation cables, up to 225 pounds of force!).

• Complete traceability through serial numbering and labeling