A Passion for Solutions

It is our duty to fulfill and exceed our customers´ expectations. To reach our customers‘ goals we daily improve our knowledge and expertise. This we achieve by working side by side with our customers.

Our Passion is not for Sale…

… but you will find it in all of our products. Passion and dedication are the foundation of our company´s philosophy which is focussed towards people. They are the driving force behind Bernd Richter GmbH. The customers success is our true interest. Therefore we treat our customers as our partners.

Custom made Solutions for You

Our strength is primarily the development of individual solutions in cooperation with our customers. Of course, our developments vary as well as the challenging requirements of our customers.
However, they have several things in common, they are based on the latest state of the art technology and fit seamlessly into the product range of our customers and support their position in the international market.

Flexibility, Knowledge and Quality

The sensitive applications of our cable systems require the highest standards of quality. You will notice this in the clearly structured procedure steps, but also by working together with our committed staff, which essentially works for you.
All incoming components are inspected. Furthermore every production step is monitored. These high standards of supervision continue through the final testing before a product is finished. You can expect this from Bernd Richter.